The projects aim is to find a method for decreasing and controlling the dissolution rate in contact with body fluids without losing the bioactivity abilities of HAP, enhancing the corrosion protection and controlling the surface energy. The proposed solution is to add into HAP structure small amount of different elements such as Si, Ti and Ag prepared by RF-magnetron sputtering in order to obtain coatings with improved bioactive, anticorrosive and degradation features. At the end of the project, the following objectives will be reached: development of a new generation of bioactive coating (HAP doped with Si, Ti or Ag in optimum concentration) which promote bone in-growth with degradation feature enhances; understand the interfacial properties of developed bioactive surfaces in DMEM, PBS and SBF media by carrying out extensive in vitro electrochemical studies; gather critical information on the biodegradation properties of bioactive coatings in different media which simulate those of the human body. Complex characterization will be carried out in terms of elemental and phase composition, texture, chemical bonds, morphology and topography. A special attention will be devoted to investigate bioactivity, degradation and electrochemical properties in 3 different media (DMEM, PBS, SBF) at 37 °C. It is expected that the obtained surfaces to provide improved features, suitable for orthopaedic/dental applications.